Room Fresheners

Scent infused beads great for use in any space. When the room  freshener  shrinks, just add  warm water and scent beads will absorb and rejuvenate!
our products

Quality handmade products poured one at a time.


Diana Jeffers Merrywood Candles soy candles in Muncie, IN on Houzz

Soy Jar candles, pillars, room fresheners, and tarts

Each one is poured by hand, colored, and scented throughout

Specialty Items


Our unique fire starters are  allow you to start a fire without the mess of paper or accelerants. They can be used in fireplaces, wood burning stoves, and fire pits. Just light the top of  the Firestarter and let it go.  Available in pine, cedar or unscented. 

Made to Order

Special order any product in your choice of color and scent. Merrywood can customize our products to meet  your wedding, baby shower,  bridal shower,  home decor,  or special occasion needs.

Contact us directly to inquire about special orders.

​​Tart Melts

Exceptional soy wax tarts for use in wax melters. High quality even scent for long-term enjoyment. 

Hand poured soy jar candles, pillars, tarts, and room fresheners.

Over 50 scents available
Seasonal specialties
Traditional favorites
Special orders to match any decor

Pillar Candles

Hand-poured palm soy pillars in a variety of sizes, colors and scents. Cotton wicks allow a clean even burn.

Specialty Items

Merrywood Candles is in a unique position to offer specialty products as well as special order capabilities.  

Jar Candles

Our jar candles are hand-poured to ensure an evenly distributed scent throughout the wax resulting in consistent, long-term enjoyment.